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What is HSBC Safeguard?

HSBC Safeguard is a series of initiatives that safeguard your hard-earned money and savings from financial crime and fraud. To do this we need to ensure the information we have about you is correct.

Over the next few months we will:

  • review all our customer accounts to check we have all the details we need
  • be in touch if we need you to confirm, update or provide new information

How does HSBC Safeguard help me?

In a world that's more connected than ever, there's an even greater need for security. Our global systems are best able to provide you with world-class protection against financial crime when we have your most up-to-date information.

If you need more information:

Visit the HSBC Safeguard FAQs


What shall I do next?

For every type of account, you can find what you need to know below. Simply choose your type of account to find out how HSBC Safeguard will affect you.

UK customers

How will I know if I need to update my account?

If you receive a letter, it will explain the steps you need to take. We'll only ask you to go into a branch if you need to.

I've been asked for identification. Which are suitable?
Your passport or driving licence are best. You can find a full list of ID we accept here.


What proof of address do you need?
Council and utility bills are the most common proof of address. You'll find a full list of acceptable proof here. Remember, your documents will need to be certified copies.

Overseas customers

As an overseas customer, what shall I do next?

You will have received a letter. We'll follow this up with a phone call to run you through the process.


Which nationality identification will you accept?
We need to see a certified original copy of your passport or national identity card. You can find other accepted ID here.


What proof of address will you accept?
We will need to see your overseas driving licence, utility bill or a non-HSBC bank statement. You can find a full list of what's acceptable here.


Who can certify my documents?
Your local bank, the UK Embassy or Consulate, or a lawyer. Find out more.

Premier customers

I usually bank through my Relationship Manager. Will they be in touch?

Yes, they will contact you directly. If you don't have a specified Relationship Manager, you will receive a letter that will explain what we need you to do.


What identification do I need to show?
Your passport or driving licence is preferred. Find a full list of accepted ID here.


What proof of address can I give?
Council and utility bills are the most common proof of address. You'll find a full list of those we accept here. Your Relationship Manager will talk you through how to certify your documents.

What to do if you've heard from us

Online banking

If you've recently received an email or text message from HSBC Safeguard asking you to confirm your details, please select one of the buttons below to get started online:

Not registered for online banking

  1. You will need the user number contained in the HSBC Safeguard email we sent and the mobile number associated with your account
  2. Select the button below and enter the user number and mobile telephone number
  3. We will text you a one-time password
  4. Follow the instructions to complete and submit your personal details

Please note, if you are registered for online banking, please log on to confirm your details rather than using the button below.

Call us

If you've been asked to call us, our Customer Services team will be happy to help. They will advise you if you need to provide some information and explain what you need to do next.


HSBC customers call 03457 404 404

HSBC Premier customers call 03457 70 70 70
From outside the UK: +44 1226 260 260

Lines are open 24 hours a day.